7 Course Menu 

Wine Pairing 

 EDGE Signature Cocktail 



Large West Coast oysters with Kani sauce & burnt onion vinegar (S)

Sweetcorn and hay

Sweet corn cooked in hay finished with Baleni salt


Hand cut raw beef, with niter kibbeh & berbere spice on Injera


 Bread Course

David Finlayson Cab Franc 2019



Wood fire roasted cabbage, poached mussels, Zamalek broth & apple (S – D – GL)

Remhoogte Honeybunch Chenin Blanc 2021



Slow roasted pork belly with Suya spice & plantain ketchup (S)

Circumstance Rosé 2022


Chicken Yassa

Chicken thighs, baked carrots, black garlic & mustard lemon jus (G)

Anysbos Anysbos Disdit White blend 2021


 Aged Beef

Grilled Beef served with  burnt cream, charred lettuce, fermented vegetable paste, dressed with Mopane “soy” (D – GL)

Remhoogte Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2019


Grilled peaches

Caramelized white chocolate, olive oil  sorbet & dehydrated yoghurt (D)



Melon seed crème, rooibos sponge & compressed melon (GL – D)

Craven Pinot Gris 2022

Allergy Keys

VG – Vegan          V – Vegetarian    N – Nuts                F – Fish  S – Shellfish

GL – Gluten         D – Dairy                               P – Peanuts         G – Garlic              E – Egg

Allergies, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free & Pescatarian Dietary preferences will be catered for with prior notice