The menu is a curation of dishes paying homage to the rich culture of Africa. Ingredients are locally-sourced from independent producers and their seasonality means the menu is constantly changing to accommodate this. Below you will find a sample menu of what to expect.

Small plates

Ujeqe with grilled bone marrow and “gravy”
Heirloom tomatoes, West African dressing, anchovies and poached egg
Sweet corn cooked in toasted hay
Fired crayfish with a herb salsa and brown butter
Flamed calamari, almonds, speck, soused grapes, dill crème

Big plates

Poached Chicken, ember cooked leeks and chicken jus
“Pickled” roasted white fish, shellfish and ginger reduction
Aged Frankie Fenner beef, fired lettuce, beef fat emulsion
Grilled aged Pork neck , muzina , smoked pumpkin, and verjuice
Charred broccoli, hazelnut butter, seaweed, wasabi dressing and lemon zest

Gogo’s beetroot and pineapple salad with amasi and baobab custard, coco nib
Grilled peaches, olive oil and lemon cake, olive oil emulsion, and crèmè
Coffee snacks
Mini queen cakes