The menu is a curation of dishes paying homage to the rich culture of Africa. Ingredients are locally-sourced from independent producers and their seasonality means the menu is constantly changing to accommodate this. Below you will find a sample menu of what to expect.

Oysters dressed with a tamarind chilli sauce & burnt onion vinegar

“Mince on toast“

Beef tartare seasoned with niter kibeh and berebere spice with Teff

Suya Pork belly with plantain ketchup & lime


Charred broccoli, West African groundnut stew, lemon, & seaweed

Wood fire roasted cabbage, poached mussels, zamalek broth, with apple & dill

Bay leaf confit potato, whipped amasi, smoked duck biltong, & thyme

Slow grilled local trout, heirloom tomatoes, & jollof consommé


“Pickled fish”

Slow roasted white fish, onion pureè, ember roasted leeks, & Cape malay dressing with prawn reduction

Chicken Yassa

Roasted chicken, baked carrots, black garlic, with mustard & lemon jus

Pork Neck

Grilled pork neck, dried pears, mulberry granola, & hibiscus


Aged beef rib eye, brown butter emulsion, fermented vegetables, & mopane “soy”


Panna Cotta

Melon seed panna-cotta, roasted white chocolate, pine oil, & mango jelly


Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake, malt butterscotch, & baobab crème